Why should Real Estate Agents, Realtors® and Investors consider a Corporation, LLC or LLP for their Real Estate business?


You may already believe that since you are a licensed Real Estate Agent and or Realtor® that you have your real estate business organized because you are affiliated with a Real Estate Broker.  In the eyes of the government, taxing authorities and the courts, if you are issued a 1099 by your broker and not a W-2, you are considered to be an independent contractor and not an employee of the broker.  This means that legally you are the sole owner of your own real estate business.

Legal actions can and are taken against Real Estate Agents and or Realtors® all of the time.  What would you do if legal action was to be brought against you?  A buyer could make the claim that you misrepresented them in their real estate transaction or a seller could claim that your marketing strategy failed to sell their home and as a result of it, they have incurred damages in the form of a monetary loss.  Depending on how your state real estate commission or other governing real estate authority allows you to sign real estate contracts, you alone can be responsible.

The same and more can happen to Real Estate Investors.  The liabilities for Real Estate Investors can be quite extensive.  You could have tenant occupied properties that need constant maintenance and upkeep that are a financial burden and a tenant could file a claim against you for a variety of reasons.  As a Professional Real Estate Investor you need to consider the option and flexibility of a LLC Real Estate Holding Company.

If your real estate business is not incorporated and you are acting in the capacity of a sole-proprietor (as most Real Estate Agents and or Realtors® are), your home, vehicles, personal savings, investments, retirement and personal accounts could be in jeopardy and or at risk to pay for damages arising from such claims. 

Niall Gunn & Wolf LLC is a Professional Real Estate Business Development, Formation and Incorporation firm that understands the complex and challenging needs of our clients.  Although our firm can handle the development, formation and incorporation of any type of business, most of our clients are just like you.  Real Estate Agents and or Realtor®s that are independent contractors needing to professionally organize and legally register their real estate business to protect themselves from unforeseen litigation and peace of mind in running their daily operations.

Our firm gives a holistic approach of developing, forming and incorporating your Real Estate business, so you can get the best competitive advantage and the assurance of operating daily with that peace of mind.  We are dedicated to providing the most professional, responsible, up-to-date, and affordable business development, formation and incorporation services in the Industry.

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Real Estate Agent/Realtor® vs. Real Estate Investor

Learn how we can help you develop, form and incorporate your real estate business as a Real Estate Agent and or Realtor® or as a Real Estate Investor.  Protect your family, your assets and yourself by learning the benefits of incorporating a Corporation, LLC or LLP today.  

Start living your dreams with the protection and peace of mind of professionally organizing and legally registering your real estate business today.



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